Naked massage

Naked Massage London Services 

When asked about what would make the experience even more appealing to them and the newer clients, our most frequent visitors answered that a naked masseuse will help them relax even more than before. It is pretty obvious why, since most of our clients prefer to disrobe completely during their naked massage London session. They would feel more comfortable if the therapist is naked also.

London Tantric Naked Massage Services by Diana

London Tantric Naked Massage Services

We take great pride in our bodies and that is why we are willing to show you how beautiful they are. Our London naked massage session begins with our naked therapist stripping the client and leading him to the shower. This first step is actually quite important, not only because it shows the client a glimpse of what will happen. Since the two bodies will touch each other in the most intimate way, hygiene is very important. Also, this sort of a prelude is aimed at acquainting the client with the masseuse’s in body massage, is aimed at making him feel more comfortable with himself and with her.

The London naked massage session begins, thus, in the shower, while the masseuse is slowly and erotically soaping the client’s body.
He is then led in the massage room, where the second and most important part of the session takes place. As he lays on his back or facing down, the masseuse will begin stroking and pressing on his body massage London, to begin releasing the tension. After the client is a little more relaxed than before, he is covered with massage oils, in order to make him as lubricated as possible.
Our naked massage London technique implies a huge amount of friction between the two bodies. There are numerous ways in which these two could touch, one more erotic naked massage London than the other, and only imagination is the limit. From time to time, if the therapist initiates it, she can be the one laying down while the client is rubbing onto her.

There is no simple way to describe the entire therapy session, without leaving something out. The main point is, however, that even if there is sexual touching there is no actual intercourse. This is no escort service. The eroticism comes exactly from this friction and rubbing. Our masseuses are also taught how to move more artistically, so that the man could enjoy both tactile pleasure and visual pleasure.

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